The home of technical founders.

Our drive for deep tech knows no bounds: We simply love tackling a new challenge. It’s that mindset that helps us deliver real results for our broad community of stakeholders.

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Next-Stage Traction

We not only bring together brilliant minds within our investment portfolio – but also within our ecosystem of LPs, ambassador network, and cross-border investment team. Our portfolio trusts us for support well beyond capital, and investors trust our know-how in the world’s most complex industries.

Portfolio & Founders

Our founders hold one thing in common: unwavering vision, dedication and passion for deep tech. We back remarkable individuals whose solutions and technology have potential to change the very foundations of global industries. To date, we’ve invested in 27 startups across 9 different countries – each with their own diverse teams and strong missions

Ambassador Program

Our decades of combined experience comes to the forefront through this meticulously designed program, in which founders can easily pilot their solutions, test product-market fit and gain access to potential customers. They collaborate directly with our Ambassadors, who are hand-selected tech evangelists occupying important roles in European industrial corporates.

Limited Partners

Our LPs are engaged and passionate about the sectors we invest in. They have extensive experience in industrial ecosystems and the German Mittelstand, making them smart allies in our investment process. Not only do they trust us to bring top returns, but they share our excitement in growing an ecosystem of groundbreaking companies transforming global industrial processes – what we call the Neue Industry.


Since 2015, we’re grown and nurtured a talented and diverse team in the heart of Berlin and expanded outposts into London and Milan. Our combined perspectives and skill sets in VC, engineering, finance, business and more allow us to continuously learn from one another and maintain steadfast vision on complex technologies that take time to develop. At the end of the day, we’re guided by our experience and driven by our passion.

What the entrepreneurs say

Gonçalo Fortes

Co-founder and CEO, Prodsmart

“While talking with Join, we realized that we’d made some mistakes in the past with key sales hires. We needed to go deeper into our values and culture to understand what kind of people are best suited to join our team, especially given the distance and almost 100% remote communication. Like anyone in a rush, we might not be taking the time to explore everything we need to know about a candidate. 


Select & Join is a selection, recruitment and onboarding process that helped our Head of People and Culture create tools, tighten our processes and train our managers in a way that is consistent with our culture. It’s great to see our engineers completely invested in the recruitment and onboarding process, and it has accelerated our results. We are now much better prepared to scale our company.”

David Rajan

CEO, Opteran David Rajan

“Start-ups are not a unique category of business entity, where normal rules don’t apply. They are businesses and have to set themselves up to be able to find, win and service customers. Equally, VCs are not just money, they can develop strong commercial networks and leverage those for the advantage of their portfolios. Not everyone understands or acts on these fundamentals.  Join does. Join are an active partner working with us commercially to open doors, work with us through the hard problems, providing open and honest advice from the heart. We are a better business for our relationship. And that is unique.”

Florian Grigoleit

CEO, Modelwise Florian Grigoleit Modelwise

“We chose Join specifically because of their expertise in our domain and understanding of what we do. That has proven to be the right decision, as they immediately introduced us to their network – even before any investment was made. They’ve also delivered on what we initially discussed, providing unwavering support in strategy and vision within the industrial tech ecosystem. We wouldn’t be where we are now without their continued involvement.”

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