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30.05.23 5

A Recap of Join Capital’s Portfolio and Investor Day

On a sunny Thursday, Join Capital’s Jan Borgstädt stood in front of a room of investors, founders and industry experts. The murmur of the crowd slowly hushed as he began to speak...
Join Capital Medium
20.04.23 3 min.

Automating Functional Safety Engineering: Why We Invested in Modelwise

We are excited to announce our Seed investment in Modelwise, the Munich-based company providing an AI-based software tool for functional safety engineering.
Join Capital Medium
14.12.22 3 min.

Powering geospatial data analytics with machine learning: Why we invested in Picterra

We are excited to announce our Series A investment in Lausanne-based Picterra, alongside VI Partners and ACE & Co. Picterra provides a machine learning DevOps platform for geospatial data analytics.
Join Capital Medium
28.09.22 7 min.

Why, When and How to Secure a COO

While there's no magic playbook for founders to let them know when it's time to hire a COO, Jennifer Diamant Foulon has uncovered some valuable perspectives from startup executives about hiring for this complex role.
Jennifer Diamant Foulon Medium
22.09.22 3 min.

Codacy nabs $15M to improve code reviews with automation

Lisbon-based Codacy has closed a $15 million Series B funding round led by Bright Pixel Capital, the corporate VC of one of Portugal’s biggest employers, the Sonae Group.
Kyle Wiggers TechCrunch
21.07.22 4 min.

Predictive Maintenance for the Elevator Service Industry: Why We Invested in Digital Spine

We are excited to announce our investment in Berlin-based Digital Spine. Alongside two successful German Mittelstand companies, Phoenix Contact and Goldbeck, we have co-led this €6.7m Series A round.
Join Capital Medium
21.07.23 3 min.

Join Portfolio Day 2022: The Neue Industry, Ambassador Networks and “Techquisition”

Join Capital Medium
24.06.22 2 min.

Opteran weaves in $12 million to develop AI driven by brain biomimicry inspired by insects

The UK-based company’s technology uses a similar approach to the way insects use embodied cognition to move around in complex, dynamic and often hostile environments
Megha Paul
22.06.22 3 min.

CloudNC raises $45 million, welcomes Autodesk and Lockheed Martin to the table

Armed with a fresh $45 million, CloudNC is one step closer to realising their vision of a world where manufacturing is fully autonomous
Dan Taylor