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02.06.21 4 min.

The Founder Fix #1: Hiring for Sales

Hiring for sales is tough. That's why you need a formula. Founder and CEO of Prodsmart, Gonçalo Fortes, gives us the lowdown on his sales hiring journey in our first Founder Fix.
Gonçalo Fortes Medium
06.05.21 6 min.

Back to the Office: What can we learn from trends in the UK?

Who's leading the back-to-office wave? Let Office App clue you in. We spoke with them to find out what people really want when it comes to the post-Covid office, and how shared desks and real meeting rooms aren't going to disappear. The data might surprise you.
Join Capital Medium
06.05.21 4 min.

ICYMI: Industrial Technology goes Clubhouse (better late than never!)

Philippe from our investment team — together with our friends Lisa (UVC), Robin (Aveo), and Levent (Paua Ventures) — had a Clubhouse fireside chat about the Industrial Tech space. In this event recap, you can find out what key trends industrial tech startups should be taking advantage of right now.
Philippe Klitzing Medium

Teaching AI to fly like a bee

Opteran's Chief Scientific Officer joins a University College London Senior Lecturer and MIT Tech Review Writer to discuss how honeybees can help us make more crash-proof drones
Antony Funnell ABC
17.02.21 3 min.

Digital R&D simulation software platform RheoCube attracts funding of 2 million USD for international expansion

Digital R&D simulation software platform RheoCube has attracted an investment of over 2 million USD. This funding round, which will drive RheoCube’s global expansion, was co-led by renowned investors Holland Capital and Join Capital.
Jenny Maat RheoCube Blog
16.02.21 3 min.

Insect brains will teach us how to make truly intelligent robots

WHERE are all the intelligent robots? Despite huge recent strides in artificial intelligence, autonomous robots answering our every beck and call are still a long way off. To make that leap, we are going to need a revolution in AI – and I believe insects will be at the heart of it.
James Marshall New Scientist
11.02.21 5 min

Home office doesn’t work. Here’s what we’re learning from startups during the pandemic.

When physical distancing becomes social distancing, what happens to company morale and performance over time? Here’s what we’re learning from startups during the pandemic.
Tobias Schirmer, Thijs van der Burgt Medium
07.01.21 3 min.

IPRally is building a knowledge graph-based search engine for patents

IPRally, a burgeoning startup out of Finland aiming to solve the patent-search problem, has raised €2 million in seed funding. Leading the round is JOIN Capital and Spintop Ventures, with participation from existing pre-seed backer Icebreaker.
Steve O'Hear TechCrunch
14.12.20 4 min

German Bionic raises $20M led by Samsung for exoskeleton tech to supercharge human labor

Exoskeleton technology has been one of the more interesting developments in the world of robotics: instead of building machines that replace humans altogether, build hardware that humans can wear to supercharge their abilities.
Ingrid Lunden TechCrunch