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36Zero has instantly changed the game for visual quality control in manufacturing. With an easy-to-implement solution that works in real and challenging factory settings, 36Zero utilizes deep learning and computer vision with any camera device to produce remarkable QA results.

Until now, major manufacturers haven’t utilized automated tools for QA because available technologies just can’t deliver in real industrial environments. Moreover, legacy solutions require hardware modifications in the production line, such as line stabilizers, stoppers, additional light, etc. – making them unsuitable to address global manufacturing challenges. 

Today, major market-leading production companies in Europe have begun utilizing 36Zero as an integral part of their transition to Industry 4.0. 36Zero eliminates the need for manufacturing plants to modify production lines with additional hardware. Its high precision functionality can perform analysis in plenty of unsolved use-cases, such as detection of blowholes or scratches. It’s also designed to work seamlessly in tough manufacturing situations with changing lighting, high-frequency vibrations and objects in movement. 

36Zero’s customers can save millions on QA and solve complex issues that were too expensive to address previously. Even more exciting is that 36Zero is fully capable of going after a greenfield market – one that’s much bigger than what we know today in visual QA.