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If ever there was an entrepreneurial team we’d trust not only in launching a successful company, but also in directing a state-of-the-art production plant for high-demand wafer fabs, it would be Flexciton’s Jamie and Dennis. Both market savvy and technically proficient, the UK-based founders are currently elevating European factories through the production of wafer fab chips. 

Flexciton’s AI-driven production and planning software isn’t just another piece of software to add to the mix, then forget about in a few months. It’s the constantly evolving result of a research-driven team that always thinks five years ahead. In that way, it also becomes an evolving part of the manufacturing customers who trust in it to maximize their output. 

Perhaps this is why we gravitated toward Flexciton; ongoing research is an essential part of the Neue Industry, and the company’s founders have that part running like a well-programmed machine. We trust not only in Flexciton’s abilities to meet the demands of future markets, but also to dazzle us in the process. 

The founding team

Dennis Xenos and Jamie Potter