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Magnetics technology is in fierce demand. That’s because designing these electrical devices – which are categorized as either transformers or inductors – has traditionally been a very inefficient, manual task. In many cases, engineers come up with highly efficient designs that cannot be manufactured under realistic conditions.

Frenetic is changing the magnetics game by replacing manual hassle with AI technology, allowing engineers to build with maximum efficiency. Considering that an electric vehicle contains an average of 10 magnets, we immediately recognize the potential of Frenetic’s technology to transform huge global sectors.

Frenetic makes the production cycle of magnets faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. For example, in one of the many customer success examples, using Frenetic reduced the development time for a magnet from 6 months to 2 hours and reduced the cost of manufacturing the magnet by 50%. Frenetic also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that enables both juniors and experts alike to achieve these results without any extra training.

The company has attracted a large number of high profile customers that are eager to work with the team to optimize their magnetic design and production processes. The technological foundation that Frenetic has created is very difficult to copy, and this spells trouble for any competitor looking to catch up.