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Projections tell us that a 50% increase in the warehousing workforce will be necessary by 2025 to meet demand sparked by the pandemic and the global shift toward eCommerce. As a result, it’s expected that new warehouses will be added to the existing 150,000 around the world.

With such high turnover, site managers must find a way to enable workers with a lower time-to-value. Right now, most logistics warehouses don’t have appropriate onboarding processes to handle this task (only 29% of warehouses are able to bring new workers up-to-speed in less than a month). Logistics contractors report issues such as lack of onboarding, unfit training staff and language barriers.

With its worker-centric, multi-language platform, is able to quickly provide value to these organizations by creating worker-generated content, retaining that knowledge for future workers and disseminating it in a way that is relatable and understandable. founders Andreas and Farhoud are no strangers to building a successful company. Their strong entrepreneurial mindset has enabled them to build an easy, plug-and-play model that brings short time-to-value in a fast-paced industry. Unsurprisingly, has already gained clear market validation in Join’s network. We anticipate much more to come.