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When it comes to the patent system, not much has changed since the 19th century. The intricacies of patent searches still require incredible amounts of time, dedication and focus. IPRally is cutting search time for its customers by 50% by allowing them to build precise search queries in minutes. Not only does IPRally’s novel, ML-driven graph-technology help improve the hit rate of patent searches, but it allows users to discover patents that they may not find through regular keyword searches.

In the past two years, IPRally has built strong momentum in a short period of time. It has tripled revenue in 2020 despite the COVID pandemic, expanding its team and serving more than 45 global customers in industries ranging from semiconductor, automotive and heavy manufacturing through to software, healthcare and chemicals. Its customers include blue chip companies such as Siemens, ABB, Spotify, Saint-Gobain, KONE and Fresenius. 

We’re thrilled to see IPRally grow further in the coming years with its powerful patent search technology.

The founding team

Juho Kallio, Sakari Arvela and Juuso Piskonen