First Invested





Growing companies have partners to win over, schedules to uphold and a big impact to make – and all of that applies even from the second a visitor walks through the office doors. A check-in service that works delightfully and seamlessly is the first touch point for success. With friendly iPad check-in and easy invitation technology, Proxyclick ensures that professional relationships begin the right way. 

We knew this when we invested in their early-stage, bootstrapped company, and helped turn a good first impression into a global success story.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Proxyclick adapted alongside its customers to develop Proxyclick Flow – a new system designed to check in employees safely and within social distancing regulations.

The potential for incredible, tech-driven interactions is universal across industries. With cloud technologies paving the way for automation, we view Proxyclick as pioneers of an Integrated Visitor Experience revolution.  

The founding team

Jean-Bernard van Zuylen, Geoffroy De Cooman and Gregory Blondeau