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SEMRON, based in Dresden, is leading a revolution in edge computing with its innovative 3D-scaled AI chip. This breakthrough addresses the pressing challenges of performance density, cost efficiency, and energy consumption that have hindered the advancement of edge computing, transforming the landscape of real-time data processing and AI applications at the edge. SEMRON uses its pioneering CapRAM technology to leverage in-memory analog computing, thereby not only overcoming the limitations of overheating and manufacturability, but also setting new benchmarks for processing power within the constraints of edge devices. SEMRON’s technology has a wide range of applications, from consumer devices to healthcare, to autonomous vehicles and more. Its technology paves the way for a future in which advanced AI capabilities are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, driving efficiency, enhancing security, and enabling a new era of technological innovation.


Semron founders: CEO Aron Kirschen (left) and CTO Kai Uwe Demasius.