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The limits of today’s engineering don’t come from the imagination of engineers, but rather from the tools for collaboration. The more complex a product becomes, the more engineers need to work together on it.

Imagine if reducing development costs of hardware projects was as simple as introducing the right collaboration software. Valispace brings value savings of up to 30% to its customers as the first browser-based software tool to allow engineers to collaborate more smoothly on hardware projects. It’s like the Github for hardware engineers, and it’s long overdue. 

Not only is Valispace challenging the decades old status quo in the hardware engineering space, but it is helping to digitize the engineering life cycle for projects involving the creation of robots, aircrafts, nuclear reactors, satellites and more. Speaking of satellites: the Valispace founders come from a background of satellite engineering – yes, actual rocket science – and we’re thrilled that their technical skills are also paired with impressive business acumen.


The founding team

Marco Witzmann, Louise Lindblad and Nelson Monteiro