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Join Capital Portfolio Day 2024
30.05.24 5

Cutting Through the Noise: The Deep Tech That Europe Really Needs

Last Thursday, we welcomed our incredible network yet again to our Portfolio Day in the heart of Berlin. Like in previous years, we celebrated our ecosystem and invited brilliant founders to the stage to present their work. We enjoyed networking, barbecue, drinks and lovely spring weather...
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28.03.24 3

On the Edge of the Possible: Why We Invested in SEMRON

We’re excited to share more about our Seed investment in SEMRON, the Dresden-based company developing revolutionary semiconductors that enable AI to run directly on your smartphone.
Join Capital The Neue Industry
Jan Borgstädt - Join Capital
26.10.23 5

The Join Capital Partner Q&A: Jan Borgstädt

Since co-founding Join Capital in 2015, Jan has been entrenched in the European industrial tech landscape. We spoke with him about what has changed in the ecosystem, how Join returned investor capital early, and how being a first-mover has allowed for an advantageous position in an increasingly crowded VC market.
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Tobias P. Schirmer - Join Capital
27.09.23 5

The Join Capital Partner Q&A: Tobias Schirmer

We sat down with one of Join’s Founding Partners to talk about AI, teamwork, growth and overcoming obstacles in the world of VC.
Join Capital Medium
Join Capital Portfolio and Investor Day 2023
30.05.23 5

A Recap of Join Capital’s Portfolio and Investor Day

On a sunny Thursday, Join Capital’s Jan Borgstädt stood in front of a room of investors, founders and industry experts. The murmur of the crowd slowly hushed as he began to speak...
Join Capital Medium
Join Portfolio Day 2022: The Neue Industry, Ambassador Networks and “Techquisition”
21.07.23 3 min.

Join Portfolio Day 2022: The Neue Industry, Ambassador Networks and “Techquisition”

Join Portfolio Day 2022: The Neue Industry, Ambassador Networks and “Techquisition”
Join Capital Medium
20.04.23 3 min.

Automating Functional Safety Engineering: Why We Invested in Modelwise

We are excited to announce our Seed investment in Modelwise, the Munich-based company providing an AI-based software tool for functional safety engineering.
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14.12.22 3 min.

Powering geospatial data analytics with machine learning: Why we invested in Picterra

We are excited to announce our Series A investment in Lausanne-based Picterra, alongside VI Partners and ACE & Co. Picterra provides a machine learning DevOps platform for geospatial data analytics.
Join Capital Medium
28.09.22 7 min.

Why, When and How to Secure a COO

While there's no magic playbook for founders to let them know when it's time to hire a COO, Jennifer Diamant Foulon has uncovered some valuable perspectives from startup executives about hiring for this complex role.
Jennifer Diamant Foulon Medium