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27.01.19 4 min.

ESA – Valispace: The smart collaboration platform for engineers

German/Portuguese start-up company Valispace develops state-of-the-art software tool to store and structure engineering data, and make all easy browser accessible. Meet Valispace at the 10th ESA Investment Forum in ESOC 31 January 2019.
European Space Agency
23.11.20 4 min

Introducing Pulse to help companies achieve elite engineering performance

At Codacy, we envision a future where everyone can impact the world by crafting complex software with confidence and focus at the speed of thought. In the spirit of this vision, we want to find new ways to help teams build software.
Codacy Codacy Blog
25.11.20 2 min

Opteran secures £2.1m to ‘solve autonomy’ in robotics

Tech start-up Opteran has raised £2.1m in seed funding for its ‘Natural Intelligence’ technology, aiming to solve autonomy in machines and robotics.
The Engineer The Engineer
16.02.20 3 min

Scientists look to bees to develop drone technology

British scientists are studying the way bees adapt to their surroundings to develop software which could guide a new generation of sophisticated drones.
Clive Cookson FT
25.11.20 4 min

Proxyclick visitor management system adapts to COVID as employee check-in platform

Proxyclick began life by providing an easy way to manage visitors in your building with an iPad-based check-in system.
Ron Miller TechCrunch
03.06.19 1 min

Amsterdam-based office management startup Office App raises €4.3 million

Dutch startup Office App has landed a €4.3 million funding round led by German VC Join Capital and...
Andrii Degeler
03.04.20 2 min

Valispace raises $2.4M to become the ‘Github for hardware’, joins fight against COVID-19

Hardware engineering is mostly document-based. A typical satellite might be described in several hundred thousand PDF documents, spreadsheets, simulation files and more;
Mike Butcher TechCrunch
20.06.17 1 min

Diese Gründer wollen das Rückgrat einer neuen Revolution sein

Die drei Ingenieure Louise Lindblad, Simon Vanden Bussche und Marco Witzmann haben ihren Beruf aus einem Grund gewählt:
John Stanley Hunter Business Insider
18.04.18 2 min

Exoskelette als Hebe-Helfer

Bei Krebsen befindet sich das Skelett nicht im Körper, wie bei Menschen, sondern außen. So wird das empfindliche Innenleben geschützt. Eine Firma aus Augsburg nutzt dieses Prinzip für die Arbeitswelt:
Von Frank Grotelüschen Deutschlandfunk