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We back mission-driven, technical and visionary entrepreneurs whose ideas are rewiring the very essence of industry and enterprise. Our investment portfolio spans a range of enterprise and industrial sectors – from procurement and robotics, to engineering tools and process optimization.

Smart Engineering

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RheoCube delivers virtual prototyping, replacing up to 90% of synthesis and lab experiments with detailed bottom-up scientific simulations. The scalable tool is a paradigm shift for R&D.

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Opteran focuses on understanding how nature has evolved real brains to solve autonomy — starting with a honeybee. The knowledge created in their research was fused into their patented algorithm.

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Opteran Technologies

Making the highest quality precision parts available anywhere, CloudNC uses groundbreaking AI technology that automates manufacturing processes end-to-end and creates the world’s most advanced, efficient factories.

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Now more than ever, it's crucial to close the digital divide. Nowhere is that more necessary than in factories – the backbone of European production. Prodsmart helps factory managers tackle the demands of operation.

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Flexciton's software isn’t just another piece of software to add to the mix, then forget about in a few months. It’s the constantly evolving result of a research-driven team that always thinks five years ahead.

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Circuit Mind's intelligent platform enables engineers to design reliable, faultless, circuit boards in hours, by harnessing the power of AI, high performance computing and collaboration.

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Circuit Mind

Valispace is challenging a decades-old status quo and bringing collaboration and smooth workflow to hardware engineers worldwide.

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